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Contact Matthew Ruff, Top California DUI Attorney

The steps taken immediately following a DUI arrest can often make the difference between a positive or a negative outcome. Valuable information from a seasoned, local DUI Attorney is available at no cost. Contact Matthew Ruff for a free honest case review for your DUI arrest in Los Angeles County, Kern County, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Bakersfield, Grover Beach/San Luis Obispo County or any other city in Southern California.

Call Toll Free at 1-877-213-4453

Los Angeles Office: 310-527-4100

Mailing Address:

1621 W. 25th Street, #315, Los Angeles CA 90732

You will not be "passed off" to a paralegal or secretary or "case manager". Matthew Can also be reached at the following numbers:

Cell Phone: 310-686-1533

Central California Office: 661-327-7833

Email: matthewruffesq@gmail.com

When you contact our office California DUI Attorney Matthew J. Ruff can provide helpful, straightforward advice on your DUI case without the "sales pitch" normally associated with a free attorney consultation. Matthew believes that being honest with people about their situation is the right thing to do regardless of whether he is retained. He also promises all of his DUI clients that if they do hire him to represent them they will not be later relegated to an inexperienced underling or young associate. Therefore, if you want straight talk and a realistic review of your DUI case contact him today.


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