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The case results are actual clients with REAL cases in all California Courts and Los Angeles Courts including Hermosa Beach, Torrance, Redondo and throughout the state of California. The results shown are a PARTIAL LIST involving cases within the last couple years with the results at the bottom being the most recent. Attorney Matthew J. Ruff has been defending DUI cases for over 25 years and personally represented these clients and obtained the case results published on this page. The last name of the client has not been printed in full so that their privacy can be maintained. To view the actual DUI case disposition and DMV decisions, contact Mr. Ruff and schedule a free consultation. At that time he can review your specific charges and provide you with an honest review and assessment which explains all of your options and review potential legal defenses. It is important to understand that many factors influence the ultimate outcome of any DUI case.

Blood Alcohol Level (BAC)

Case Results

Client: Daniel S.

DUI (Under 21)

Long Beach Juvenile Court

.19% breath DUI Dismissed, reduced to reckless driving, no license suspension

Client: Federico N.

DUI w/2 priors

Manhattan Beach CA

.24% Breath DUI reduced to reckless, DMV Dismissal-License returned

Client: Samuel G.


Bakersfield CA

Refusal DMV dismissal-license returned

Client: Tom M.

DWI with priors, Grover Beach CA San Luis Obispo Court

.10% breath DUI dismissed

Client: Nathan C.

DUI (Under 21) Zero Tolerance

San Fernando Court

Los Angeles County

.05% breath DUI dismissed, DMV Dismissed-no suspension

Client: Paul H.

Felony DUI w/injury Accident

Vista CA, San Diego Court

.09% breath


License Returned

Client: Walter P.


Santa Barbara

.14% breath

dismissed, license returned

Client: Ryan J.

DUI / Van Nuys

.09% Breath DUI reduced to non-alcohol offense

Client: Daniel C.


Kern County

.30% breath DUI dismissed-reduced to reckless driving-DMV suspension dismissed

Client: Terry F.

DUI / 2nd offense with refusal

Los Angeles Superior Court

Refusal DUI dismissed-reduced to reckless driving

Client Roger T.

DUI / Taft California

.12% breath Entire case dismissed

Client: Bobby T.

DUI / 2nd offense San Bernardino County

.22% breath DUI dismissed

Client: Henry W.

DUI/ Kern County

.11% breath

and Drugs

DMV suspension dismissed

Client: Timothy D.

3rd time DUI

Kern County, Lamont Court

.29% breath No Jail Time

DUI Redondo Beach CA

Torrance Court

.21% Urine

.22% breath

DUI Dismissed, Case Reduced

DUI with 2 priors

Long Beach

.23% breath DMV License suspension set aside

DUI with prior

Los Angeles(LAX Court)

.11% breath DUI charges dismissed

DUI-San Fernando Valley

Van Nuys Court

.11% Breath DUI charges dismissed

DUI with Accident

Los Angeles (Hawthorne)

.14% Blood

DMV License suspension set aside

DUI with priors

Ridgecrest CA

Kern County Court

.21% Blood DMV license suspension set aside

Client: Daniel S.

DUI Gardena

Torrance Court

Los Angeles County


DUI Dismissed

reduced to reckless driving for fine only, no DUI school or classes


Culver City CA

Los Angeles Court


DUI case dismissed

DMV license suspension set aside


Long Beach


DUI dismissed

Reduced to lesser offense

for fine, no alcohol school

Client: John S.

DUI, Tehachapi CA

Kern County

.11% Breath

DUI dismissed

DMV set aside-license returned to client

Frank M.


Carson/Compton Court

.14% BAC DUI Dismissed

Client: Paul G.


Long Beach Court

Los Angeles County


DMV Suspension Reduced, Refusal dismissed

Harriet G.

DUI , Pismo Beach

San Luis Obispo Court

.12% BAC DUI Dismissed


Riverside County

Over .08% BAC DUI Dismissed

Charles D.

DUI Hermosa Beach CA

Torrance Court

(Under 21)

.11% breath DUI Dismissed
DUI Bakersfield CA .10% Breath

DUI Dismissed

DMV Set Aside

DUI, w/priors

Plumas County CA

.21% Breath No Jail

Veronica S.

DUI Santa Barbara

.13% Blood

DUI Dismissed

DMV Suspension Set Aside

DUI, Carson CA

Los Angeles-Compton Court

.11% Breath

DMV Set Aside

License Returned

Client Amana H.

Under 21 DUI

Santa Ana, Orange County Court

.08% Breath DUI Dismissed

Client: Larry S.

Felony DUI (Accident with Injury)

Kern County, Shafter Court

.18% Breath

DUI Dismissed

DMV Suspension Set Aside

License Returned

DUI, Inglewood Court

Hit and Run Accident

Driving on Suspended License

REFUSAL No Jail Time

DMV (Zero Tolerance)

Under 21

Orange County

.079% Breath License Suspension set Aside

Felony Drunk Driving, 4th offense

Driving w/suspended license

Los Angeles Superior Court


.25% Blood Probation-No Prison Time

Felony DUI

Accident with Great bodily Injury

Kern County Superior Court- Taft

.10% Breath

Reduced to Misdemeanor


DUI-Under 21

Los Angeles Superior Court


.11% Breath

DUI Dismissed

reduced to wet reckless

Client Rebecca D.

DUI, Bakersfield Court

.12% Breath

DUI Dismissed

Reduced to non-alcohol offense, DMV suspension set aside

DUI, Lamont Court

Kern County Superior

.19% Blood

DUI Dismissed

reduced to non-alcohol


DUI, Redondo Beach

Los Angeles Superior Court

.18% Breath

DUI Dismissed

reduced to reckless driving

DUI, Torrance CA Court .12% Blood Reduced to wet reckless

Client: Jesus M..

San Luis Obispo County DUI

.17% Breath

DUI Reduced to wet reckless, DMV license suspension overturned

DUI, Bakersfield Court

Kern County

REFUSAL DMV 1 year suspension overturned and set aside

DUI, Los Angeles County

Superior Court

.11% Breath DUI Charges Dismissed

Client: Adam R.

Felony DUI w/injury

Kern County-Shafter

.18% Breath

DUI dismissed

reduced to misdemeanor reckless driving

DMV suspension overturned


Los Angeles Superior Court

.12% Breath DUI Charges dismissed

DUI w/accident

North Kern County

Shafter Court

.13% Breath

DUI Charges dismissed

Client: George M.

DUI w/ priors

San Luis Obispo

Grover Beach

.17% Breath Dismissed

Client: Juan I.

DUI, Gardena

Los Angeles County Court

Torrance Superior

.12% Blood

DUI Charges dismissed

reduced to wet reckless

Client: Donnie E.

DUI Checkpoint, Torrance

.10% Blood DUI Charges reduced to non-alcohol reckless driving

Client: Barbara C.

DUI , El Monte California

Los Angeles Superior

.08%> Breath

Entire Case Dismissed

DMV set aside

Client: Rebecca W.

DUI, Hawthorne CA

Los Angeles Superior Court, LAX

.16% Breath DUI reduced to reckless

Client: Johnny C.

DUI, Los Angeles
Metropolitan Hill Street Court

.09% Breath

DUI charges dismissed

Case reduced to dry reckless

Client: Narendren S.

DUI, Los Angeles

Downtown Hill Street Court

.08% Breath

DUI charges dismissed

reduced to dry reckless

Client: Francesco Z.

Hit and Run w/ DUI

Los Angeles LAX Court


DMV suspension overturned

Entire case dismissed

Client: Maria Z.

Felony Evading Arrest, L.A.

Reckless Driving

Drugs Entire Case dismissed on defense motion

Client: Takayuki I.

2nd Time DUI w/accident


Los Angeles (LAX Court)

.16% breath DMV suspension overturned

Client: Juan A.

DUI, Alhambra

.12% breath DUI reduced to reckless

Client: Hugo A.

DUI, Torrance

.13% Breath DMV suspension set aside due to illegal stop

Client: Charles F.

Compton Court

Under the Influence of Drugs

driving on suspended license

possession of drugs


All criminal charges dropped

illegal stop and arrest

Client: Angie G.

DUI, Montebello

East L.A. Court


DMV suspension set aside

license returned

Client: David E.

DUI, Malibu


DMV suspension set aside

Client: Henry W.

2nd Offense Drunk driving

San Luis Obispo Court

Grover Beach

.21% Breath Charges Dismissed

Client: Angie G.

Drunk Driving

East Los Angeles Court

Refusal Entire Case dismissed

Client: Marcus T.

Hit and Run involving alcohol

San Luis Obispo

Accident Charges Dismissed

Client: Jeff C.


Downtown Los Angeles

Hill Street Court

.09% Breath

Criminal Charge Dropped

Drivers License suspension overturned

Client: Bobbie U.

San Luis Obispo DWI with prior

Probation violation

Pismo Beach

.21% Breath Reduced to reckless driving

Client: Timothy W.

Driving under the influence of drugs

Taft Court, Kern County

drugs License suspension overturned

Client: Luis Z.

Manhattan Beach, CA

DMV Refusal to take a chemical test


License suspension overturned

Client: Brent G.

San Luis Obispo, Oceano Dunes

DMV Suspension with 2 priors

Breath Test over .08 DMV suspension set aside, license returned

Client: Corey S.

Grover Beach CA

DMV Suspension

Blood Test over .08 DMV suspension set aside

Client: Sanjev D.

Lamont CA

DUI, Marijuana

Possession of Marijuana

Drug Test Positive

DUI Dismissed

No Jail

Client: George H.

Los Angeles Court

Under 21 DUI

Breath Test .11%

DUI Dismissed

No License Suspension

Client: Peter C.

Torrance Court

Felony DUI with Injury

(loss of hand)

Blood Alcohol .21%

All Charges Dismissed

on Defense motion

Client: Meegan H.

San Luis Obispo

DUI/DMV Suspension

Blood test: .30%

DMV Suspension set aside

(no loss of license)

Client: Tony V.

Redondo Beach CA


Breath .16% DUI reduced to wet reckless

Client: Eddie B.

Gardena CA


Breath test .15%

reduced to wet reckless

Client: Fleet L.

Gardena CA

Felony DUI w/ accident

Breath test .19% Entire case dismissed

Client: Martin P.

Hawthorne CA

Felony DUI with Great Bodily Injury

and Hit and Run

Breath test.15% Entire Case dismissed

Client: Joseph C.

Santa Barbara DUI

Blood test .11% Case reduced to wet reckless

Client: Christy T.

San Luis Obispo Court

DUI w/ Accident

Breath test .10%

Criminal Charges reduced to wet reckless

DMV: No License Suspension (set aside)

Client: Dieter R.

Mojave CA

DUI w/speed enhancement

B.A.C..10% Charges reduced

Client: Pete M.

Santa Maria CA DUI

BAC .10% Blood DMV License suspension set aside, DUI reduced to reckless driving

Client: Josh N.

Bakersfield Under 21 DUI

Zero Tolerance DMV

Breath .066% DMV Suspension Set Aside

Client: David E.

Malibu CA

Refusal Reduced to wet reckless

Client: Daniel O.

Torrance CA

.09% Breath

Not Guilty on DUI at trial

DMV Suspension Overturned

Client: Brian W.

San Luis Obispo

.09% Blood

DMV suspension overturned

DUI charges dismissed

Client: Bradley W.


.18% Blood DMV suspension overturned

Client: Larry S.

DUI, 3 Priors and Hit & Run

Newport Beach, Orange County

.29% Breath No Jail Time

Client: Luis E.

DUI, 3rd time w/drug possession

Alameda County

.12% Breath Entire Case Dismissed at Trial

Client: Dmitar K.

DUI with 2 priors, 2 probation violations

Los Angeles County

Santa Clarita

.16% Breath

No Jail Time

Probation re-instated

Client: Norman B.

Non DUI Hit and Run


Charges Dropped

Client: David P.

Marijuana in Vehicle, No License

Torrance Court

Cannabis All Charges Dismissed

Client: Jaime G.


Hermosa Beach-DUI Task Force

.10% Breath DMV License Suspension Set Aside

Client: Tyrone W.

DUI Charges, Torrance CA


.22% Blood DUI charges reduced to "wet reckless"

Client: Irma N.


Compton Court

.10% Breath Case dismissed on defense 402 motion

Client: Alex Z.


Manhattan Beach Court

.11% Breath Reduced to Wet reckless

Client: Nilesh N.

DUI, Palos Verdes Police

.13% Blood

Reduced to Wet Reckless

Client: Victor B.

DUI, Long Beach Court

.11% Breath

All Charges in complaint Dismissed on day of Trial

Client: Brad W.

DUI, Bakersfield Court

.18% Breath DUI dismissed, reduced to public intoxication

Client: Jose L.

Court: Inglewood/Torrance


Case Dismissed after Trial

Client: William E.

Court: Bakersfield DUI

.21% Blood

DMV APS License Suspension set aside

Client: James U.

Long Beach Court

.14% Breath DUI Dismissed, case reduced to Wet Reckless

Client: Terrence L.

Redondo Beach Court, With Priors

Marijuana Case Dismissed

Client: Robert K.

Long Beach Hit and Run

$15,000 in damage

Case Dismissed

Client: David E.

Glendale Court

.10% Breath All alcohol related charges dismissed

Client: Kevin R.

Ridgecrest/Mojave Court

2nd Offense DUI

.19% Breath DMV License Suspension set aside

Client: Alexander M.

Torrance Court

Speed Contest/Reckless Driving

Speed Contest and reckless charges dismissed, no license suspension

Client: Walter J.

Commercial Driver Suspension

Irvine Driver Safety

2nd Offense DMV Suspension Set Aside

Client: Vincent P.

DUI License Suspension

Grover Beach/Oceano Dunes

.17% Breath Set Aside and reversal of license suspension following Dmv hearing

Client: Lewis F.

Torrance, 3rd felony

DUI with Accident

.19% Breath No Jail, Probation

Client: Luis C.

Court: Mojave CA, Kern County

2nd DUI

.10% Breath Reduced to reckless

Client: Rashawna E.

Court: Bakersfield

2nd DUI with accident

.24% Breath DMV License suspension set aside

Client: Erika O.

Court Redondo Beach/Torrance


.10% Breath Reduced to non-alcohol reckless driving

Client: Nelson M.

Court: Long Beach CA

DUI First Offense

.15% Breath DUI reduced to wet reckless

Client: Mark S.

Court: Gardena/Torrance

DUI with Accident

.18% Breath DMV License Suspension set aside after hearing.

Client: Steve E.

Court: Malibu


.12% Breath DUI reduced to wet reckless

Client: Moses W.

Court: Inglewood

DUI with priors

.15% Breath DUI dismissed, reduced to wet reckless

Client: Elan H.

Court: Torrance

DUI with Accident

.18% Blood DUI dismissed, reduced to wet reckless

Client: Steven R.

Court: Ridgecrest

DUI with Prior

.19% Breath DMV Suspension Set Aside at Hearing

Client: Wendell W.

Court: Shafter, Kern County

DUI while in Commercial Vehicle

.13% Breath

Dismissal of all DUI and Criminal charges, License suspension set aside after hearing

Client: Michael W.

Court: San Fernando Valley

2nd offense DUI

.14% Breath

DUI dismissed and reduced, DMV license suspension set aside after hearing

Client: Mark O.

Court: Hermosa Beach


.10% Blood DUI Dismissed, reduced to non-alcohol offense, DMV suspension set aside after hearing.

Client: Vincente N.

Court: Mojave/Tehachapi

DUI, 2nd Offense

.08% Blood

DUI reduced, DMV suspension set aside following APS Hearing

Client: Timothy R.

Court: Redondo Beach


.09% Breath DUI reduced to non-alcohol offense, DMV suspension set aside at APS Hearing

Client: Danielle J.

Court: Van Nuys


.11% Breath

DUI reduced to Wet Reckless

Client: Timothy S.

Court: Torrance/Redondo Beach

Felony DUI with Injury

.08% Breath All DUI Charges dropped, deal worked out for an infraction and a fine.

Client: Phillip V.

Court: Long Beach

DUI and Felony Drug possession

.12% Breath DUI reduced to wet reckless, all drug charges dropped

Client: Brian R.

Court: Bakersfield

DUI, Evading Arrest

.16% Breath

Evading Charges Dropped, License Suspension set aside following DMV hearing.

Client: Marko E.

Court: East L.A,


.08% Breath All DUI Charges dismissed, no DUI program, no license suspension

Client: William G.

Court: Long Beach/San Pedro

3rd DUI within 5 years & 14601

.13% Breath No Jail Time, Probation

Client: Mark S.

Court Torrance

DUI with a prior & 14601

.10% Breath Reduced to Wet Reckless

Client: Fernando M.

Court: Kern County, Lamont

DUI with 2 priors, child endangerment,, commercial license

.11% Breath

After Trial


DMV, License Restored

Client: Javier H.

Court: Torrance, Hermosa Beach

.13/.14 Breath

DUI Charges DISMISSED, case reduced to reckless driving VC 23103 per 23103.5

The cases on this page reflect a PARTIAL LIST of the hard work and efforts of a lawyer that believes that all clients deserve a second chance and should not be stigmatized by a one time error in judgment. Matthew contributes extensively to the web, providing articles and posts that assist others in making decisions about what to do in their particular case. The aforementioned list is a partial record of the actual cases Matt has handled over the last 27 years. One noteworthy case not on the list is a driving under the influence charge in the South Bay. The client was arrested for her second DWI and reached out to Top Hermosa Beach DUI Lawyer Matthew Ruff. She had blown a .27 and .28 on the Breathalyzer. Matt fought the case and got all the charges dropped in May 2021 at the Torrance Courthouse, Division 2.


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